The Essential Guide to Car Maintenance during Lockdown

The lockdown imposed due to the novel Coronavirus has made us serious about hygiene. We are now used to sanitizing and washing our hands every time we touch something. No doubt, we are taking good care of ourselves. But are we doing the same for our cars that are lying idle or unused due to the lockdown. If you are serious about your valuable asset, follow the given essential guide to car maintenance during lockdown.

General Hygiene

Hygiene is a broad term and mustn’t be confined to ourselves. It has to be applied on everything that is part of our life and lots of utility for us. In short, the hygiene practice that you’re following has to be implemented for the car as well. Since you will be in contact with your car daily once the lockdown is lifted, not keeping it clean could make you sick. To avoid it, wash the car inside out at least once a week. Remove every single thing be it newspaper, water bottle, chocolate, snack, ice-cream wrappers, or residue of eatables. If these things are left unattended, they can become a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. They may even rot and produce bad odor. So clean everything and leave the car from inside like the way you brought it from the showroom. For outside cleanness of the car, wipe the dust, bird droppings, and dried leaves from the rooftop. If possible, use a car cover so that it’s protected from the outer elements.

Maintain the car’s battery life

Continuous use of mechanical machines makes them vulnerable to wear and tear. They are equally susceptible to damage when not in use for a long time. And to maintain the life of your car, it’s important to check the health of its engine, which is the heart of the vehicle and keeps it capable of running. The engine derives power from the battery. So to ensure the vehicle is ready to hit the road after the lockdown is lifted, start your car once a week and let the engine run while the car is stationary. If there is space around your house, move the car back and forth by a few feet. Running the engine on an idle mode with prevent the car’s battery from dying and keep it charged. This will also provide some movements and lubrication to the complex parts of the engine and will also help in shrugging off dust and preventing the engine oil from getting dries. By following this simple routine once a week, you can certainly maintain your car’s engine health. If the car is still not budging from its place even after following this routine, you can any time call Motormechs Auto Zone for home pickup, servicing, and delivery of your car.

Avoid Handbrake

The handbrake may seem an easy option to prevent the car from rolling, but keeping it engaged for a long time could be dangerous and more troublesome for the car owners. It is quite possible that the handbrake may get stuck due to which the car won’t move even after putting a good pressure on the engine. The best and easy way to avoid such trouble is to use wheel chocks or stone blocks to prevent the car from sliding. Alternatively, you can use the parking brake along with these objects to keep the car stationed at one position.

Keep the fuel tank full

We normally check the fuel tank when we have to go for a long drive. And when the car is lying idle, we hardly give any attention to this point. However, it’s important to check the fuel tank when the car is in use and when it’s parked for a long time. Keeping the fuel tank full will prevent the tank’s internal pipes from condensation. Moreover, it will also work as a lubrication for the tank from the inside and prevent it from rusting. If the fuel is not maintained closer to the tank’s capacity, it could give rise to a choking problem.

Check Tyre Pressure

It’s not the chassis that handles the weight of a vehicle, but the tyres. Whether the car is in use or not, the tyres are the bearer of its entire weight. And when the car is not in use for a long time, the car’s weight forces the tyres to lose some air. If possible, move the car a few inches back and forth so that the car’s weight gets rotated on every part of the tyres. And when the lockdown is lifted, the first thing you ought to do is fill the tyres to their recommended capacity of air pressure.

With these simple guides and without investing much of your time and effort, you can easily maintain your car during the lockdown. In case you need any assistance to get the car back on the road once the lockdown is over, call 098229 13135 or visit Motormechs Auto Zone.

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