Car Spa Service

As an experienced hand for over a decade we are dedicated in providing car spa solutions at competitive prices and quick service. It includes touchless car wash, Detailed interior cleaning, Exterior Rubbing, Polishing and Latest paint protective Coatings.

Car Spa Service

Choosing the best car spa service is a constant time consuming process for every car owner. Entrust your car cleaning to our professionals.We offer complete car grooming services right from car washing to detailed interior cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and dashboard cleaning to polishing and protective coating. All under one roof!

Our Services Include:

  • Cleaning Services: This service includes

    • High pressure wash with the best accessories
    • Dashboard cleaning & polishing
    • Engine Cleaning with hot water /steam car wash
    • Proper cleaning & drying of Foot mats
    • Body wash with Foam
    • Cleaning of air vents and ash tray cleaning
    • Underbody/ Tyre arches cleaning without gantry/lift with high pressure without disturbing wheel balance & alignment
    • In the end, the car body will be sprayed with liquid wax for a shiny surface and to protect the body from dirt / dust
    • Internal cleaning with suction vacuum using a special car tool
    • Inside out cleaning of windows & mirrors
  • Car Wash Services:

    • Complete vacuuming of cars including seats & boot
    • Underbody WashEngine hot water / steam wash
    • Washing & cleaning of door frames
    • Body liquid polishing / waxing
    • Cleaning & polishing of dashboard
    • Washing & cleaning of foot mats
    • Pre washing of car
    • Foam cleaning of car exterior
    • Tyre Arches Cleaning
    • Tyre polishing Alloy cleaning
    • Dashboard polishing
    • Washing & cleaning of door frames
    • All black parts polishing
    • Spraying chemical on the windshield to make it scratch proof
    • Upholstery and carpet cleaning/shampoo
    • Leather clean and feed, with carpet clean/shampoo
  • Car Detailing:

    • Glass treatment
    • AC treatment
    • Engine Coating
    • Alloy Wheel Protection
    • Headlight Restoration
    • Leather conditioning Treatment
    • Underbody Coating
    • Fabric Protection
    • Paint Protection
    • Rubbing & Waxing
    • Silencer Coating
    • Glow Treatment

As an experienced hand for over a decade we are dedicated in providing car spa solutions at competitive prices and quick service. Our express service includes touchless car wash, detailed interior cleaning, exterior rubbing and polishing and latest paint protective Coatings.

In latest paint protective coatings we offer Ceramic as well as Teflon coating through car detailing services. Now don’t worry about rush getting build on outer and under surface of your car!

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