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The car is the first big investment that we all do in our life. As we get the expensive toy in our day to day life, the care of this should also be taken on time. We are the professional experts offering Bosch car service in Pune giving the exceptional service quality for your car of any brand and model. With proven reliability and technology we offer car service that includes a comprehensive diagnosis of the problem and high-quality work service for your car. Whether you are looking for car advice, repair or service work, Motormechs Auto Zone offers tailor-made unique packages.

Bosch Car Service Checklist:

Bosch Car Service Checklist:

1. Inspection & Checks:

In Inspection & checks, we offer services that can help you to keep your car in the proper working state.

  • General inspection and exhaust emission test:
    • The half-yearly combined general inspection and exhaust emission test will help to detect any possible defects beforehand
    • Perform test and measurement protocols for all repair and maintenance work
  • Inspection:
    • Professional inspection for cars of many makes and models of any age
    • Professional car service covering all features of your car
    • Experienced workshop personnel for maintenance and repair work

2. Engine Service:

Our engine service includes:

  • Oil Change & Filter replacement:

    It is mandatory to check the condition of your oil filter, engine oil and replace it on time. In this service, we include:

    • Use of top brand quality oil and new oil filters
    • Proper disposal of old oil removed from the car
    • Record all service work
  • Engine Diagnosis:

    With latest diagnosis equipment, Motormechs Auto Zone experts check your vehicle for minute problems and errors occurring in the car. For more optimum engine performance with economical fuel consumption, we ensure to give you complete diagnosis for your car. This includes:

    • Fault Analysis
    • Correct adjustment for optimizing engine performance
    • Engine management systems
    • Experienced workshop executives to handle your car
  • Diesel Services:

    With us everything is possible! We offer service right from trouble-shooting right from “present –value” repair and maintenance of your car. This includes:

    • Bosch spare parts to OEM Standards
    • Experienced diesel experts and latest test types of equipment at our workshop
    • Competitive packages for your ‘present- value’ repair work

3. Electronic Service:

This service includes:

  • Battery Service:
    • Get your car battery checked by our professional at Motormechs Auto Zone. If required, we will replace the old battery with the new one and ensure the old battery is disposed of properly from us.
  • Electronic Diagnosis:

    If your vehicle is beep up with warning lights or there is an electronic failure in your vehicle, then we can help you out.

    • With systematic types of equipment, we troubleshoot any kind of electronic issue.
    • Qualified professionals to handle your car
    • Top quality testing with equipment

4. Brake Service:

In this service, we offer

  • Repair and maintenance of mechanical braking systems
  • Diagnosis and repair of driving safety systems like as- ABS/ ASR, ESP®

5. Tyre Service:

In this service, we take care of your car’s tyre by providing full tyre service from changing to balancing to cleaning rims to storage. All Under one roof!

  • Cleaning and tyre change
  • Wheel rotation, balancing and wheel alignment
  • Tyre pressure service and maintenance

6. Mechanical Repair:

For any kind of mechanical system repairs for your car we offer

  • Bosch spare parts with OEM Standard
  • Latest test equipment for mechanical car components
  • Expert to handle and access to technical data

BOSCH CAR SERVICE is a chain of Multi-Brand car service station. BOSCH is an OE company manufacturing 60-70% of car products during the time of manufacturing of the car. This gives us the biggest advantage to cater customer for after-sales service. Bosch being a German company is very particular about the brand and the parts they provide for after fitment to the cars. Motormechs Auto Zone being an Authorized BOSCH CAR SERVICE past 5 years has trained Technicians from BOSCH. As an Authorized BOSCH Car Service, we have a professional Car Scanner which has the ability to scan all the New Generation Cars.

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