How to Troubleshoot Smell coming from your Car’s Engine

Car smells due to spilling of coffee, soup, and other eatables are easy to detect and address.
But a burning smell from the car’s engine is often tricky to rectify. When you experience
such a thing, it’s time to realize that something is wrong. It also indicates that your car
needs professional attention. These tips will help you troubleshoot smell coming from
your car’s engine.

Rotten Egg:

If you’ve not left eggs in the trunk but still it smells, then it is something concerned with
the catalytic converter. The main function of the converter is to transform engine gases and
release them through the exhaust. If it’s not working, the unburned fuel gets trapped or
clogged causing the rotten egg smell. Since it’s not a good idea to address the problem at
home, take help of an auto repair professional.

Burnt Carpet:

If you smell burnt carpet, it could be due to an issue with brake pads or the overheating of
the rotors. This type of odor is generally experienced when driving in stop-and-go traffic.
However, if the odor is felt even when driving on a highway, you must get the brakes and
rotors checked immediately since your safety is dependent on the brakes.

Hot Oil:

Though the oil heat up while driving, we cannot smell it due to the car being a closed
system. However, when you feel engine oil smell, it’s an issue with the oil circulation
system. Most likely, the issue may be with a leak in the oil. When the leaking oil drops on a
hot part such as the exhaust system, you start smelling the odor. The smelling of burning oil
could also be due to a damaged oil plug, loose oil filter or a recent oil change. To avoid any
further damage, get the issue resolved immediately by visiting an auto repair shop near you.


Syrup smells pleasant. But when you smell it in a car without any spilling from a grocery bag,
it must alert you to a leak in the engine coolant. Checking such a problem requires complete
attention since there are chances of burning yourself because of the hot radiator. So, it’s
better to get it fixed immediately by an experienced technician.


Smelling gasoline when the car is running is an indication of a leak in the pipes. The gas leak
could be in the fuel tank or the fuel injector. Such a problem was normal in vehicles
manufactured five decades ago. But when it occurs in today’s modern car, you must visit an
auto repair shop immediately.

Burning Plastic Smell:

Certain debris could land on the exhaust system without our knowledge because of the
wind. The debris could be a plastic material or a wire with a plastic insulation that have
worn out. When such things get in contact with a hot part such as the exhaust, they could
burn and also cause a fire. The smell can also come because of plastic bag melting due to the
heat. Remove all such flammable material from the exhaust, and visit an auto technician

Regular wear and tear can make a car smell like burning. In fact, most of the problems are
because of the burning smell from your car. If you notice a burning smell from your car,
bring it to Motormechs Autozone, Pune.

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