How to Fix Squeaky Brakes

Does your car squeals when slowing down or stopping at the signal? The break squeaking is annoying since it attracts weird attention from others on the road. A car squealing for the first few stops in the morning is normal. This can continue until the rust or moisture built up overnight on the backing plate and braking material is removed by the warming up of the brakes pad. However, if the squeaky brakes continue, then there could be something wrong with the brake pads.

What Causes Screeching Brakes?

When you press on the pedal, the calliper pushes the brake pads and squeezes the brake rotor causing friction and slowing down of the car. The brakes squeaking when driving could also be due to the vibration coming from one of the brake components. If the brake pads are worn out, it can make a screaming noise. The wearing out of the brake pads could be due to the rust on the brake motor and the habit of hard braking. Pressing on the pedal with force generates more heat causing the brakes pads to lose their grip on the brake rotor thus resulting in squeaking brakes.

How to Fix Squeaky Brakes?

Stopping brakes from making screaming noise requires brake pads inspection for which it is necessary to take the wheel out. If you’re a novice or lack the skill, take the car to the nearest car service centre in Pune. If the inspection reveals that the brake pads are ok and need some lubrication, ask for a good quality squeaky brake spray. However, no one can assure how long the spray will work since it could shed away with the grinding of the brake pad and the brake rotor.

Install brake pad shims

Most car manufactures have brake pad shims installed. If your car doesn’t have it, then getting it installed at the car service centre is the best option. Having this kind of additional brake component will provide extra resistance against squeaking brakes. The small layer of rubber on the shims will help in absorbing any vibrations causing noisy brakes.

Replace Brake Pads and Brake Rotor

The best and sure-shot solution for fixing squeaky brakes is to replace the brake pads. The worn-out brake pads come directly in contact with the brake motor. And when two metals are rubbed against each other, it causes screaming noise during braking. So, it’s a good idea to replace the brake rotor along with the pad for your safety when driving.

If the brakes squeaking is consistent, don’t ignore it and take your vehicle to Motormechs Auto Zone – one of the most experienced car repair Center in Pune where you can get the best possible service. Fixing the brakes in time can avoid possible danger and save your life.

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