How to Disinfect your Car of the Corona virus

Medical experts, researchers, scientists, and intellectuals are encouraging people to clean their hands regularly to prevent themselves from Coronavirus. Several governments around the world have also implemented total lockdown, and requesting people to stay at home. However, for purchasing groceries or medicines, we have to move out of the house for which we need to use our vehicles. But do you know that just like humans, mechanical devices like cars are also the carriers of COVID-19. So, it’s important that you just don’t sanitize your hands, but your car as well.

h5>Here is how you can disinfect your car of the Coronavirus and stay safe.

Alcohol-based Sanitizer

Any moving or immovable surface can be the breeding ground for Coronavirus. And when you come in contact with such surfaces knowingly or unknowingly, you are likely to get affected. So the thumb rule is to sanitize or disinfect anything that you come into contact with. When you’re using your car, there are many surfaces of it that you have to touch. The most-used surfaces of your car are the inside and outside door handles, steering wheel, control knobs, door armrests, music-player buttons, seat belts, and seat adjusters. Since these things can easily get contaminated by the virus, use a good sanitizer that contains 60 to 70% of alcohol with some percentage of ethanol, and glycerol. These types of sanitizers are effective in killing bacteria, viruses, and different types of fungi. Avoid bleach or hydrogen peroxide inside the car since it could damage the car’s upholstery. Also, stay away from any solution that contains ammonia, especially for disinfecting the touch screen of your car. This will damage the anti-glare and anti-fingerprint coatings of the screen. If you have no options, then dilute the ammonia before using it.

Use home-made solutions

If the lockdown has made purchasing a sanitizer difficult, then prepare a solution at home. The best, effective thing would be the detergent and water. Prepare a solution of these things in a bucket, and dampen a clean cloth. Gently wipe all the surfaces that are easily reachable. Don’t apply too much pressure in order to kill the virus. Just apply gentle touch and let the solution do its work. The best bet would be a microfiber cloth that will work better on the leather. Ensure that you don’t use excess detergent and water otherwise, it will create unbearable odour and also cause mold growth in the upholstery.

Vacuum Regularly

Indian roads, both in the urban and rural areas are full of dust and pollution that get caught by your car easily. So the best way to sanitize your car is to vacuum it regularly. Start from the floor mats and carpet that catch dust through our shoes. Scrub and clean the pedals and lever. Then move on to the boot space where your keep the luggage. Take a small bucket of soapy water and clean the seats along with the back rests. Do the same to the centre console, and door locks as well. If DIY is not your thing, then take your car to a professional service provider of car maintenance and service like Motormechs Auto Zone, Pune.

Hand vacuuming carpet in car
Disinfect the HVAC Unit

Since it’s one of the important units in your vehicle, it’s imperative that you disinfect it. Don’t just clean it from the outside. Do from the inside as well by removing the cabin and cleaning the cabin filter. Make use of a good quality spray to sanitize it and fix it properly. Any AC disinfectant spray cleaner that is aerosol-based is excellent in disinfecting the HVAC unit. You can also avail the service of Motormechs Auto Zone, Pune for Ozone treatment. This treatment is effective in breaking down stubborn viruses, bacteria, and moulds lying in the unit. To further reduce the contamination of Coronavirus, give steam treatment to your car.

Since the COVID-19 has become a pandemic, it’s better to keep sanitizers and disinfectants handy so that every time you use your car, you can clean the dashboards, touchscreen, audio system, steering wheels, gear sticks, door handles, and window controls. Also, don’t forget to use a facemask. However, along with these essentials, the best way to prevent yourself and your family from the Coronavirus is by staying at home and avoiding stepping out.

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