Fuel Saving Tips : 7 Ways To Cut Down Your Fuel Costs

Are you avoiding using your hatchback or SUV because of the rise in fuel price? Don’t Worry! We will help you cut down your fuel costs with effective, practical tips. Whether you use your car daily or occasionally, you will definitely see a lot of difference in your car’s fuel consumption. Even the crowded roads of Pune will not deter you from saving money on fuel if these fuel saving tips are followed religiously. As a professional car service centre in Pune, we have helped thousands of car owners enjoy their vehicles without spending too much on diesel and petrol. By adapting minor changes in your driving style and being wary of things that increase fuel consumption, you can extract necessary mileage from your car.

Slow down

It’s quite tempting to push the accelerator when the road is less crowded or empty. But speed burns more fuel as the car is made to work harder. Speeding can disrupt the mileage and will force you to make a frequent visit to the fuel station. So rein in your temptation, and slow down a bit. By just dropping your speed from 70 km per hour to 60 km per hour, you can save up to 20% in fuel. If you’re driving on the city roads, putting the engine off when waiting at the signal could improve fuel efficiency by another 10%.

Check Tire Pressure

Tires are not just for rolling your car on the roads. They play a vital role in ensuring your safety and economical driving. When the tires are not inflated adequately, much part of the surface area of the tires touches the road, which causes an increase in friction thus adding to fuel consumption. Besides bringing down the fuel economy, the increased friction also causes the tires to overheat, making them vulnerable to premature wear and tear. As a result, you have to spend on new tires. So, to avoid expenses and for a better fuel economy, check the tire pressure before hitting the ignition key. If the tires are inflated correctly, it can improve fuel economy by 2%. So take your vehicle to a known Car Care Service Centre and ensure correct tire pressure.


Just as we struggle to move on when carrying any load, the car does the same. If there is too much load in the car, its engine has to work hard to move on. This means the engine has to burn more fuel. Even a weight of 80 kg can increase fuel consumption by 10%. So the trick is to clear off unwanted things from the car’s boot space and its roof. If the vehicle is light, it will be more fuel efficient.

Stay Aerodynamic

 When the windows are kept open when driving at a high speed, it increases wind resistance, which adds to fuel consumption. So, keep them closed and remove all the obstacles from the car that hinders its movement through the air. If you have installed a cargo box on the car’s roof, remove it as well. Unclogging obstacles from the car can save up to 20% on fuel in a year.

Avoiding Regular Maintenance

Following a regular maintenance schedule is must to improve your car’s fuel efficiency. There are lots of mechanical and electronic parts in the vehicle that are prone to wear and tear over a period of use. When the vehicle is not serviced regularly, you will experience starting problems, and drop in fuel economy. By ensuring clean and sufficient engine oil, removing worn-out air filter, spark plugs, ensuring adequate coolant levels and properly functioning exhaust can increase fuel consumption. So to maintain the right condition of your vehicle and ensure it gives the required mileage, get regular servicing done from a professional Car Service Centre & Repair Workshop.

Unnecessary use of the AC

No doubt, AC is necessary for driving comfort. But it should be used only when needed. If you are driving on the city roads where the heat and pollution is more, using the AC is necessary. But avoid using it on full blast. If you’re driving on the highway at a lower speed, you can just roll down the windows and enjoy the natural cool breeze. In case the heat is unbearable, just use the AC on a lower setting and put it off when the inside of the car has cooled down. Even avoid using AC when the car is stationary as it makes the engine work harder and in turn burns more fuel.

Not Using the Gears Properly

Not everyone is excited to read the manual that comes with the vehicle. As a result, they inadvertently drive their vehicles in the wrong gear. Only if they go through the manual, they can understand that driving in the highest gear possible lowers the fuel consumption. This also doesn’t force the engine to drop the revs too low.

To make your car fuel-efficient, visit Motormechs Auto Zone, Pune. We are a professional Bosch Car Service Centre that provides first-class service and work with the state-of-the-art testing and repair technology. No matter the type of mobility problem your car is facing, we can fix them as if they didn’t even exist.

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