Follow These Tips to Extend Vehicle Life

Owning a car in Pune is not a luxury, but a necessity. Despite this, not all could afford it. For those who can, it is a prized possession. But many car owners aren’t aware how to keep their costly purchase in top condition. They just want their valuable cars to last longer and get the best re-sale value. Which is why maintaining your car from a professional car service centre in Pune is necessary so that you can use it for many years, and sell it for a better price. These tips will help you extend your vehicle’s life.

  • Read your car’s manual for maintenance schedule: Since mechanical and electrical components in your car are subject to wear and tear, it’s necessary to maintain them regularly. The best way to do so is to schedule maintenance as per your car’s manual. This will help you keep the car’s suspension, cooling system, drive train, and other components in good condition as well as save yourself from costly repairs.
    1. Change engine oil & filter regularly: Since the engine comprises lots of mechanical parts, it is necessary to provide them with lubrication for continuous functioning. This work is done by engine oil, which serves as the lifeline for the engine. The recommended mileage for changing engine oil is in between 5,000 to 8,000 kilometers. It will also depend on the quality of oil you’re using and your driving conditions. To ensure the quality of the oil, take your vehicle to a reliable car care service centre. Also, change the oil filter. If the oil filter is dirty, it will make the oil dirty as well. Moreover, it’s not expensive and takes no time for replacing.
    1. Change Air Filter: An air filter works as a shield and prevents dirt, dust, and debris from entering into the engine. Since its take all the contaminants, over the time, it becomes clogged and the engine starts faltering. A muddy or bad air filter also reduces the lifespan of the engine. If the roads you drive on regularly are dusty and dirty, you have to change it quite often.

  • Wash and wax your car regularly: Allowing dirt and dust to sit on the car will not only make it look bad, but also cause the paint to be chipped on the outside. Moreover, scratches and rust on the car will become a common occurrence. Washing and waxing the car inside out will help in keeping it in a pristine condition. Your car will shine, look fresh and new.
    1. Don’t ignore minor repairs: It is possible that you may issue minor problems in your car. These could be a loose steering, or a delay in cooling of the car. You may also receive minor dents or scratches. They may not affect driving through, but certainly ruin your car’s appearance. Such issues may seem little, but when ignored, they can turn into bigger ones. So no matter how minor the issue is, visit a car service centre & repair workshop immediately.
    1. Change engine coolant: Keeping the engine cool while the car is running is important. This work is done by an engine coolant, which is made up of ethylene or propylene glycol and water. Over the time, it deteriorates, becomes more acidic, and loses its rust-inhibiting properties. This causes corrosion, which in turn, damages the radiator, radiator cap, hoses, water pump, the vehicle heater system, and other components of the cooling system. So, it’s important to replace the engine coolant and flush the radiator at regular intervals.
    1. Regular service and maintenance: To extend the life of your vehicle, regular service and maintenance from a trusted garage like Motormechs Auto Zone, Pune is important. Doing so will improve the efficiency of your vehicle, and also enhance its safety features. Moreover, you can get the useful suggestions from the technicians on how to save fuel cost, what are the useful features for your car, when to claim your car insurance, etc.
    1. Rotate tires: Tires do a lot for your vehicle than simply rolling it on the road. When they are inflated adequately, they can even add a few kilometers to your car’s mileage. But being constantly in touch with the surface of the road makes them prone to wear and tear. This is why rotating them after a few thousand kilometers or as per your car’s manual is important. Mostly, you’ve to change tiers diagonally, which means, the front right tier will go to the rear left and front left to the rear right.
    1. Driveway inspections: It’s a good habit to inspect your car manually every fortnight or once in a month. It will hardly take a few minutes to see if the tiers are inflated well, are not wearing out, the headlights and indicators are working or not, the level of fluids is okay or not. When you notice any problems with any one of the tiers, replace it. Don’t the same for faulty headlights, indicators, etc.
    1. Drive wisely & carefully: How you drive has a deep connection with the lifespan of your car. Don’t consider your car as a racing toy and try to satiate your cravings for speed and thrill. Speeding up will add an extra burden on the car’s engine, hamper mileage, and also cause a collision. Also, stopping and starting your car abruptly, pushing the brakes when driving on steep roads will put undue pressure on the car’s parts.

    Following these tips and car service and maintenance schedule regularly can help in extending the life of your vehicle. If you have any doubts on how to tend to minor repairs, visit Motormechs Auto Zone, Pune. Not only you will get a professional service for your car repair and maintenance works, but also lots of recommendations to enhance your driving comfort and safety.

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