As the car gets old, there are high possibilities that you may feel certain vibrations on the road while driving irrespective to its speed and road conditions. There may be multiple reasons for this disturbance. If you also feel the same while driving, read this article until the end and we will tell you all the cases why it happens. If you are reading this piece from Pune, then you must check out Motormechs for best professional workshop service around you.

Top reasons why car vibrates while it’s on the road:

  1. High chances that it’s a tire problem:

The key components which are responsible for stable performance are the tires and the mechanical bearings. If they are not in perfect condition, you will feel vibrations quite often. The metal bearings get worn out and rusted with a respective period of time that’s why it is recommended for periodic tire servicing.

Another factor which contributes to the instability while driving even at the normal speed of 50-60 km/hour is the wheel balance and alignment. With time, the wheel’s balance gets disturbed and it requires proper wheel alignment care for getting the best performance out of your car.

Key wheel related problems:

  • Old Mechanical Bearings causes instability
  • Tire loses its grip at a certain period of time which causes vibrations
  • Improper wheel alignment
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  1. Unhealthy Engine:

The engine is for sure is the heart of your car and it should be healthy to keep your car going miles after miles. Due to blockage, if the engine doesn’t receive proper fuel or sufficient oxygen, you will experience knocking and vibration issues. Because of this problem, when you drive at higher speed, you will feel vehicle heavy and difficult to catch more speed.

This is a more complex issue than the tire problem which can cause sudden engine breakdown. It is important to service your car after a recommended period of time to avoid such conditions. Ultimately your car is a machine and can break down anytime, but you don’t need to worry about it. We provide prior roadside break down services to make sure you keep going no matter what. We are just one call away from you.

Key engine related problems behind vibrations:

  • Lack of proper fuel and oxygen supply to the engine
  • Ignoring prior engine servicing at a recommended period of time
  • Blockage issue due to lack of scheduled cleaning
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  1. Misfunctioning of brake:

A damaged or old warped brake rotor can cause vibrations when you apply brakes. Needless to say, the braking system is one of the most important functioning parts of the car which contributes to healthy drives. Having proper rotor and brake mechanism checking is important and you should not skip it.

Key brake related issues:

  • Old brake pads and rotors
  • Lack of sufficient greasing or oiling
  • Minor crack or damage in the braking system
  1. Steering Component:

The car’s steering is not as simple as it looks. There are so many things going on behind the curtains. Steering wheel controls numerous small bearings, rotating motors, shaft and driving mechanism. With time, the steering required more ‘driving efforts’ from you and causes certain vibrations at a higher speed.

Key steering related issues:

  • Lack of proper oiling
  • Old parts creating more friction
  • Steering vibrates at higher speed

These were some of the common issues why the car vibrates while it’s on the road. This is the reason why your car deserves extra care and a touch of an expert. Get your car serviced by Motormechs, the largest Multi Brand Car Service Centre. Your search for the best Car Garages in Pune ends here, experience complete car care under a single roof.

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