Car Denting Services in Pune

The growing population of four-wheelers in Pune city has turned the roads narrower. You cannot always prevent your car from getting minor dents and scratches. It can get marks from a driver trying to open his/her car’s door parked next to yours, or a shopping trolley trying to make a way through the parking. No matter what the reason is, any kind of hit to your car can take away its looks and force you to visit to car denting & painting services. If you want to do it yourself, here is how you can take care of minor dents and scratches.

Car Dent Removal Service Pune

Fixing Minor Dents

  • Use a hairdryer

If the dent is on a plastic part of the car, you can force it to expand slightly with a hairdryer. Turn the hairdryer to the highest setting and point it on the dent. The hot air from the dryer will force the plastic to expand to some degree. Then immediately spray the area with a can of compressed air until the dent disappears and the plastic surface is back to its original shape. The cold air will force the dent to contract and pop out. You can find a can of compressed air at a Car Dent Removal Service.

  • Use boiling water

Another way to fix minor dents on the plastic bumper is by using boiling water. Simply pour boiling water on the bumper plastic so that the area becomes more flexible. When doing so, stand at a safe distance to avoid its stream. Once the plastic has softened, reach behind the bumper and try to push it out.

  • Use Dry Ice

Dry ice is a form of carbon dioxide in a solid form with a lower temperature than the water ice. Use protective gloves and rub it on the dent. This will cause the dent to cool, contract, and pop out.

  • Use a plunger

If the metal surface of your car has got a small or medium dent, use a car dent plunger or a sink plunger. Moisten the plunger and the dent first. Then place the plunger on the dent and start pushing and pulling till the dent pops out.

  • Suction method

You will need a bucket, vacuum cleaner, and tape for this method. Make a hole similar to the size of the vacuum cleaner hose in the bottom of the bucket. Tape the bucket around the dent so that it stays firm at the place. Insert the hose into the bucket hole, and turn on the vacuum cleaner to create suction. If the dent is shallow, it should pop out. If it isn’t, then visit a Car Dent Repair Service.

Car Scratch Repairs Service Pune

Fixing Minor Scratches

Scratches on the surface of a car’s body could occur in any shape due to a contact with any sharp, pointed, or rounded object. Even a coin can inflict a straight or wavy scratch when scraped against the surface of a car.

  • Wash dirt and debris from the scratch

Before you treat the scratch with any other product, it is essential to clean the damaged area. Spray the scratch with water pressure. Then use a high-quality microfiber cloth to clean the area with a formulated soap designed for washing cars. After rinsing the soap, dry the surface with a clean towel.

  • Use a Scratch-Removal Kit

A scratch-removal contains a scratch-removal solution and a buffing pad for application. Pour the solution on the buffing pad and spread it all the way by folding it in half. Apply the solution on the scratched area with a gentle pressure by rotating the buffing pad in a circular or back-and-forth motion. Buff the scratched area and wipe away the excess solution spread in the surrounding area with a microfiber cloth. Ensure that the excess product don’t get dried on the car’s surface. If the scratches have not gone, repeat the process for one or two more times. However, don’t overdo it otherwise; clear coat on your car will get damaged.

  • Use Toothpaste

Toothpaste is like light, soft sandpaper that helps in removing minor imperfection on a slick surface like CD and DVD discs. It also works when the scratches have not penetrated deep into the car’s paint. Just smear some toothpaste on a soft, damp cloth and rub it on the scratched area in a circular motion until the mark disappears. But see that you’re using whitening toothpaste since it has a rough, gritty texture. It helps in filling up small gaps on the surface and polishes it clean.

For any other car care, maintenance, and service, visit Motormechs Auto Zone, Pune. We can repair dents, remove scratches, and paint the damaged area to restore its beauty. We also provide a guarantee on our work for all types of car models.

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