The Latest Trends in Car Safety Technology 2019 You Can’t-Miss

As we are growing digitally, the automobile industry is also adopting new high-tech features and security parameters to govern more safety to the passengers. This industry grows exponentially and everyone has something unique to offer. The most trending topic of the auto industry is safety.

Every year, we notice something useful, interesting and robust enhancement in the department of safety. Needless to say, 2019 is also among the years of innovation. Let’s have a look at what are the latest trends in the world of car safety. And if you are reading this article from Pune, make sure to check out Motomechs, the best-in-class professional car service centre in Pune.

Top trends in car safety technology 2019 you should know:

  1. Forward Collision Warning (FCW)

This is an advanced system which uses the car’s camera and sensors to scan the front of the car and alert the driver in case of some obstacle coming from the front. Along with this, FCW also switches the lane and slow downs the speed of the vehicle to protect the car from any possible collision.

  1. Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB)

AEB is a life-saving feature which has the capability to sense any obstacle which the car is going to hit. This feature comes with automatic braking where the car will stop itself if you failed to apply brakes at the right time. Automatic emergency braking slow downs the speed and tries to avoid any kind of collision.

  1. Blind-spot warning (BSW)

Blind spots are hard to guess when you are going at a decent speed. This newest feature will give you a prompt warning if you reach a blind spot. BSW utilizes sensors that monitor side and rear portion of the vehicle. In addition to this, BSW also warns you by haptic feedback when you are changing the lane inappropriately.

  1. Rear cross-traffic warning (RCTA)

This feature is useful when you are taking your car out of the parking space. It prevents your car from collision with other cars when you are driving in reverse at low speeds. This technology leverages the parking sensors to alert the driver and applies the automatic brake.

  1. Lane-keeping assist (LKA)

Lane keeping assist is an amazing feature which makes sure you are driving in one lane and not switching between the lanes without indicating. In this technology, the sensors use the road markings to detect the lane and indicate the driver in case of lane switch.

  1. Hill Descent Control for greater stability:

Everybody loves to go off-roading and have some adventure with the beast. Modern cars are now coming with a stability feature known as Hill Descent Control which helps the driver to focus only on steering while taking the car down from the hill or steep area. The car will control the gear shift and braking systems so the driver can gain focus over the road.

  1. Advanced Car Service Centre & Repair Workshops:

When cars are getting advanced then why should the workshops leave behind? Many car companies are building their smart service centres. Just by connecting the car with their local network, the engineer can diagnose the issue in the vehicle and fix it by pre-installed repairing methods. This approach is helping companies to maintain the same standard among all car care service centre chains.

So, which one is your personal favorite car safety feature. Although all features are necessary for every car to ensure intact safety of passengers. If you are planning to service your car to ensure robust safety, you must check out Motormechs, a professional bosch car service centre in Pune with advanced servicing technology.