5 Reasons Why Your Car’s Air Conditioner May Not Be Working

The weather in Pune is changing constantly. It is tough to guess when it will rain, be hot, cold, or windy outside. And if the car’s air conditioner is not working, you can neither feel fresh nor cool on the roads, and driving will be an unpleasant and uncomfortable experience. There are various components in the car’s AC system that work together for your comfort. Even a minor problem with any one of those components can result in malfunctioning of the AC system. So, avail car AC service Pune if you don’t want to face any difficult while driving.

5 Reasons Why Your Car’s Air Conditioner May Not Be Working

  1. Low and leaking Refrigerant – This is a common problem with car air conditioner and also the most difficult one to identify. If the fault in the air conditioner is due to low refrigerant level, refill it with the right refrigerant meant for your vehicle. If you’re not sure which one to purchase, visit a Car AC Repair Service Centre. Sometimes, the cooling problem could be because of a leak in the compressor or hoses. You can identify by seeing an accumulation of an oily substance around them. In such a case, the auto repair specialist will use a leak detection kit that comes with a dye which seeps out of the leaks or cracks when run through the lines.
  1. Compressor failure – It’s the compressor that keeps the car’s AC working and helping it perform at its peak. When it cannot compress the refrigerant and absorb the heat from inside the car, the AC vent doesn’t emit cold air. To keep the compressor working for a long time, visit a Car AC Repair Service Centre.
  1. A broken Condenser – The car’s AC condenser works in tandem with a radiator fan and also looks like a radiator. Its main function is to turn the refrigerant from a gas to a liquid. It can stop cooling the car if the contaminant particles flowing out through the AC compressor get stuck inside it. Sometimes, it also breaks when hit by road debris entering through the car’s grill.
  1. Electrical Issues – Lots of electrical wires are used for connecting the AC and making it work. If any single wire is damaged or worn out, the AC will stop working. That’s why detecting electrical issues gets difficult. If you’re lucky to spot any such wire, replace it or seal it with an electrical tape. Best way to spot such problems in time is to do car air conditioning service regularly.
  1. Faulty Cooling Fans – To keep the engine and air conditioner cool, it is necessary that the electric radiator fan and condenser fan are working properly. Both these fans throw the heat out of the engine and cabin. If they aren’t functioning, your car will emit hot air only. If they aren’t producing cold air, it could be because of cracks developed because of a puncture by debris. They may also stop working because of electrical issues. The only way to deal with faulty cooling fans is to visit Car AC Repair Services.

Being a reliable and a reputed name for Car AC Service Pune, Motormechs Auto Zone wants you to be knowledgeable and capable of identifying AC problems on your own. If you can’t fix the problems by yourself, call us or visit our auto body repair shop. Our skilled and experienced technicians will be happy to make driving a comfortable experience for you.

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