4 Types of Car Preventive Maintenance You Should Consider Every Year

When it comes to caring for a car, we always tend to postpone or ignore maintenance until something big crops up. When such a problem, no matter how minor, is left attended, it develops into a grim situation. This results in losing heavy money and our daily routine getting disturbed. To avoid facing such a position, it’s necessary to follow preventive maintenance. Here are the 4 types of car preventive maintenance you should consider every year for the good health of your vehicle.

Engine Oil and Filter

Engine oil works just like the blood in our body and the filter as a respiratory system. As both the blood and fresh air are important for our health, so do the oil and filter for the car. Just ensure the oil is sitting at a relative surface level and the filter is free of dust. If inspecting them is not your cup of tea, it’s better to speak to any car service station in Pune in this regard. This way, not only will you get the right knowledge, but also guidance on using the company-recommended oil. So utilize the knowledge and experience of such car service stations in Pune.

Check Car Coolant and Belt Inspection

The right level of coolant is necessary to prevent the engine from overheating. Low or no coolant will result in overheating of the engine. Driving the car when the engine is overheated can result in causing lots of dangerous things. So check the coolant level at regular intervals. Refer to the owners’ manual or visit an authorized car service centre.

Serpentine Belt is the zigzag-shaped belt located at the front of the car’s engine that needs to be replaced between every 74000 to 100000 km depending on the vehicle type. This belt is connected to several vital components of the car such as power steering, A/C, Alternator, and Water Pump. The proper functioning of the belt is also necessary for the battery to charge. Being handing so many tasks make the belt crack due to wear and tear. And when the belt breaks, it can cause serious problems. So, get it checked and replaced at Car Service Pune to avoid serious trouble.

Tyres alignment and rotation

Tyres are susceptible to wear and tear since they are the most used parts of the vehicle both when the car is running or in an ideal state. They are the ones that bear the maximum weight of the vehicle. So checking the tyres’ tread regularly is important. Driving with worn-out tyres is dangerous. If the tread is worn out, replace the tyre. This is something that needs to be taken seriously. Visit a car repair service for tyre inspection where you can also get tyres aligned along with rotation.

Inspecting and cleaning battery

Spot diagnosing the battery condition is easy since most batteries have a charge indicator. Most batteries have two terminals – positive and negative. When you see white and green solutions accumulated on the terminals, it’s an indication that your battery will die soon. To save it and increase its life, keep the terminals lubricated with high-quality grease. Open the battery vents using a coin and check the level of the distilled water, which is also called electrolyte in mechanical terms. Maintain the level of the electrolyte and clean the battery and make it dry, dirt, and grim-free. If you cannot decide the condition of your battery, contact any one car repair shop for professional advice and service.

Following these simple 4 car preventive maintenance can ensure a long life for your vehicle. Just Google car repair near me or take your car directly to Motormechs Auto Zone, Pune. This professional car service centre in Pune has the state-of-the art auto body repair shop and loads of experience.

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